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Do you have any iphone? Have you got in the market or you still wondering whether to buy an iphone4 solely to communicate while you have many other
options to communicate with your friends. If once, the video is sent using a computer that has Internet access, but now it can be submitted via telephone
such as apple iphone 4 especially if you want to send email though.iPhone work with their application. Without application your iPhone is nothing.Useless!! But
not to be worried because i'm going to show you how you can create your own application and games for FREE.Yes,it's free.Trust me!

Before I talk about the iphone 4, I want to explain why you need to have the latest Apple products are:

- nice video calling
- More sexy design
- Lengthier battery life
- Entrance camare applications
- Higher resolution for HDD photo and video
- Better camera(5 megapixel)
- Better WiFi connectivity
- Multitasking capabilities
- The small things that pack a wallop

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Now the brand Apple released the latest issue in white color of iphone 4. It was launched on April 27 in Europe. Celebration white iphone 4 is also very
encouraging in the European market. Has just launched and has already increased the rating of sales day after day. You can find out functions by asking a friend
who just bought or you can search through the popular website that show the function and design for the apple iphone 4. To use the applications and games on
the iphone, first you need to syncronize the iphone 4 at your PC by using iTunes software and do the 'jailbreak' to allow you to install applications and games
on the iphone for free. You do not have full programming skills to make these applications and games. I am happy because I will teach you all how to make
applications and games for iphone 4 for free just in 4 week. For your information, applications that you create can be sold back to the apple store. Sound great rite?

With the help of the Apple iPhone all the tasks can be done easily. You do not have to worry if you need to send a document quickly, where as you are on
holiday. Apple iPhone 4 has an email application that lets you send documents via e-mail easy and quickly. All of this is a great news for you as a creator of application and games
for iPhone and iPad are all over. There are many people are use apple iPhone right now and it is apportunities for you to create and sell it back to apple store so that people around
the world can downlaod it your application and games and you get paid.

For me this is the course that you need if you want to be a creator and owner for the application.This is not a full time job excually but it can turn a great way to earn extra couple
dollar each month. REMEMBER,it is not hard to do this especially the work is so simple in just 4 week an it just requires an Internet connection.     

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